Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Wandering Vagabond

Once a man of youth
Now a man of age
His path through life
A twisting road
Through the lives of many
Some saw him pass
Others barely noticed
 Never stayed
More than a time or two
Standing in the shadows
All the while
Until the empty feeling sang
Pushing him onward
Along the trail

Once lingering extra long
Held by the ache
That filled his heart
Until he realized
It would never be
And he let that song sing once again
A wandering vagabond
He would always be



  1. Until the empty feeling sang
    Pushing him onward
    Along the trail

    The second stanza aptly describes the tragedy dodging the likes of a vagabond. Good take Robert!


  2. Your poem describes well life's journey. In a way we are all vagabonds..lingering for a time one place or another and then moving on. Hopefully maintaining some connections. But time makes a vagabond of us all. We have no choice. The seasons change, as do we. And we move on. Beautifully reflective writing.

  3. Oh such a sadness I would think in such a life, but maybe travel, see the world and people....but never feeling part of one place. A strong haunting poem.

  4. Well rendered Robert - personally I have always been drawn to the notion of the vagabond, so vey much enjoyed this.

  5. I wonder how it feels.. you capture the character of a vagabond with sweet precision.

  6. this reads effortlessly like a song

  7. Love this... I think a vagabond will always remain a vagabond... settling hurts much more than ache of bones.

  8. We all have to accept what is so. And is there anything more romantic than a wondering vagabond? He has many stories to tell. Stay tuned!

  9. Blessing Space

    We can bless each space we enter, leaving a sweet energetic footprint behind.
    Physical space acts like a sponge, absorbing the radiant of all who pass through it. And, more likely than not, the spaces we move through each day have seen many people come and go. We have no way of knowing whether the energy footprints left behind by those who preceded us will invigorate us or drain us. Yet we can control the energy footprint we leave behind for others. In blessing each space we enter, we orchestrate a subtle energy shift that affects not only our own experiences in that space but also the experiences of the individuals who will enter the space after us. While we may never see the effects our blessing has had, we can take comfort in the fact that we have provided grace for those that follow after us.

    When you bless a room or an entire building, you leave a powerful message of love and light for all those who will come after you. Your blessings thus have myriad effects on the environments through which you pass. Old, stagnant energy is cleared, creating a vacuum into which fresh and invigorating energy can freely flow. The space is thus rendered harmonious and nourishing, and it becomes a hub from which positive feelings are transmitted. Intent is the key component of the blessings you leave in your physical wake. If your intent involves using your own consciousness as a tool for selflessly spreading grace, your blessings will never go awry. Whether you feel more comfortable performing a solo blessing or prefer to call upon your spirit guides for assistance, visualize each space you enter becoming free of toxins, chaos, and negativity as you speak your blessing. Then imagine the resultant emptiness being replaced by pure, healing white light and loving energy. Even a quick mindful thought of love can bless a space.

    This type of blessing is cumulative and will grow each time you bestow it. Try blessing every home, business, and office you visit for an entire week and observing the effects of your goodwill. Your affirmative energy footprint will help brighten your day as you contemplate your blessing's future impact on your siblings in humanity and your environment.

    This seemed to go with your wandering vagabond.

  10. I resonate with being held by the ache that filled one's heart, till we recognize it will never be, and continue our journey. A beautiful poem, and a journey I relate to.

  11. I think some are meant to wander more than others. I am not sure why, but the ache feels real.

  12. There is a lure, as well as a cost, to being a wandering vagabond!

  13. Thank you for a fine reading.

  14. We all journey to the sound of our own drum, but yet we are bonded by many similarities. There are moments in the traveling we pay, other times we are rewarded.

  15. You imbued this piece with a wonderful cadence. Self knowledge is within all of us ... we find our peace, when we listen to our hearts. Wanderers are never content staying 'put' for long. Awesome writing!


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