Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Scream Of Joy

A gem revived from yesteryear
It sat upon iron rails
Majestic steam billowed forth
As the scream of joy
Tore through my soul
A chance discovery
Opening a dam
of childhood memories
As it stood
Before my eyes
With haste I strode
Ticket in hand
As the conductor bellowed
"all aboard"

Ticket punched, up the stairs
I lightly sprang
Settling on a wooden bench with anticipation
For what would transpire

That lovely sound
Of the whistle
Set many things in motion
The train with a "chug chug chug"
And my mind
Down memory lane

As we bumped through
Green country scenes
In a cloud of steam and cinders
All with sooty smiles


  1. I took that ride, it was one of the longest days of my life. But now in reflection, it was a great day, the weather fine, I long to ride that train again.

  2. Oh yes, trains take me straight back to childhood. I took many train rides then. Now that they are too expensive, I wish for one last ride along the rails. Might have to hop one as a hobo. LOL. Nice to see you here, Robert.

  3. From "scream" to "steam" this poem is marvelous! That antique train sound is one I adore.

  4. I like the direction you took for this prompt. A wonderful ride!

  5. In NC we have the Tweetsie Railroad...a totally restored steam engine that chugs through the mountains and gorgeous scenery. This took me back to childhood and the ride on Tweetsie.

    1. there are several here within a 3 hour drive so I discovered Toni... it might become an addiction...:)

  6. Having worked for a railway company in my thirties, the childhood thrill soon wore off and the enthusiasm of of my own children to ride at train became more of a chore!

  7. In a cloud of steam and cinders
    All with sooty smiles

    Hank had lots of recollection of those steam engines with their 'sooty' inconveniences (mostly affecting the eyes!


  8. In childhood everything is an adventure, 'scream of joy'. Thanks for this unique take :)

  9. I love riding steam trains - we have a few that run through North Norfolk.

  10. Sounds like you had a good time with the trains going down memory lane

  11. I love those old trains! I have never ridden on a train it's on my bucket list. I'd love to sleep on one too.

  12. What a delightful piece! And the image of the old train makes me want to scream for joy as I reach for my backpack.


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