Sunday, January 10, 2021

Expendable and Deplorable

Here we sit

The bottom of the social mountain

Waiters,servers,truck drivers


and all those others

Looked down upon from up high

There is an unsettling rhythm  

In our souls

As we are trapped in lock down

Watching as the elite class

Go about their enriched lives

Each day we see how expendable we are

As vaccines roll past our door

As planes filled with privileged

Fly to sunny climates

And now our voices

Can be squelched by a random logarithm

Uttered from the dark cave filled with servers

We can be damned

By the perceptions of cancel culture

Even though they know not who we are

Crushed souls live here

Looking for hope

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


alone but never lonely

except when trapped in crowds

constant quest for solitude

it is there

where I do thrive

among the masses 

what is me who I am

is pushed far below

where people cannot see

in solitude I do thrive

unfettered by

all those eyes